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Rockstar has had several problems this first week since it released gta v online, 2 weeks after the games release. This isn’t the first problems this game has run into. Since its release, GTA V has an official app, iFruit, which gave people hard times to sign in. Not just that, the whole Rockstar Social Club service has had problems. This is how rockstar wants people to create groups called Crews, a service similar to Call of Duty’s Elite service. It is free.

Okay, back to GTA V online. I have been able to play with some difficulty this last month, passing bugs one way or another, and waiting several hours to be able to play. The problem is rockstar didn’t calculate the game’s popularity correctly, and now the online service suffers from server problems.

Lets talk about the game itself. Rockstar has taken some very good decisions. Just as the offline game, online is based around the free roam of San Andreas Area, with the majority of missions taking place in Los Santos. The player can still take part of the same activities such as golf, tennis, etc. And many more. The experience is supposed to be based around multiplayer, which means playing with others, however it is still possible to do a lot alone. But many of the best missions are only for 2 or more players, and several missions which can be completed alone are very difficult to do so, unless your very experienced.

Shooting is simplified in online as when the other player is at a certain distance, close to the player, the crosshair automatically sticks to the enemy, making it easier for less experienced players.

Weapons seem to work as they should, shotguns incredible powerful at close distances, guns a good all rounded weapon, but the machines guns have stolen the show, being the best weapon for both close range and long range shots. It is also better as both shotgun and pistol are very slow and require several shots to kill the enemy. I haven’t been able to use other weapons though.

The real estate system is very good. You start off with nothing, except your car. You can buy garages and apartments, with garages. Garages help keep your cars, and let you order them from the mechanic to be delivered to you directly. I only bought the cheapest 25000$ garage. Still earning money (in a non legitimate way) to be able to buy an apartment. Apartments aren’t only to have a space to pass time with your friends in peace, but a place where the player can organize heists with crew members, after Rockstar releases a future update. A problem i see is that there aren’t any apartments outside Los Santos, only garages, although this may be added later in the game too, as i don’t see docks or hangars available either.

The basic ways to win money are by playing races, death matches, and missions. But also robbing stores, selling cars to Los Santos Customs, and taking cars to Simeon. Other ways are killing other players, but doesn’t earn you as much money, and may later put join you with other non-friendly players. You can also buy stock on the the stock markets, however as of the writing of this, it’s not available.

The game gets a bit boring at some point, as it gets extremely repetitive. I am not saying it isn’t fun, not at all, but at some point you know what to do in each mission, not leaving me with intrigue.

A big problem i see even with the game working correctly is the time it takes to start and leave games. This must be because of the obvious problem of using 8 year old consoles for such a filled world and intense game. Also, at least now, probably because of the servers, it takes time to find players to play a game, thats why its easier to just quickly look for a game with your phone.

Another huge problem is after a mission or death match, if several players choose to go free roam, they leave you next to each other with the money you just won, so the other players can start and shoot you, take the money you just won, and run off. It is frustrating not wanting to finish a game so they don’t start shooting you.

Overall GTA Online seems like a great idea, that still needs some development to reach its full potential, hopefully after some DLC packs, the game gets more interesting.

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